Misa Surreal Escape

I posted Phazers on Stunning (awesome!) already and decided to show the rest. It's a great collection and makes me love Misa even more. The only formula issue I had was the sheer factor of the duochromes. I don't mind that because I tend to expect duochromes to be sheer.

Beyond Infinity. A smokey blue with subtle shimmer.

Shields Up. This needs to be worn over another color. It's too sheer for me to wear alone. It's a duochrome that has light purple and green flashes with silver sparkles.

Grey Matters. Look at the speckles! Look! It's a space rock.

Spaced Out. More space rock but a bit darker.

The Great Green Whatsit. Love the name of this. The color flashes from blues to greens with sparkles. This one is sheer as well and will be better over a base color.

I bought this collection at a shop here but it's available at Head2Toe and Nailsupplies.us for those interested.

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