Jessica Cosmetics Fall 2011: Rebel Glam

I have a soft spot for Jessica. They have the honor of having an entire drawer to themselves in Helmer #3. I'm lucky that I am able to get a decent selection of them from a little shop here. I was really looking forward to this collection because the Fall 2010 Muse collection was a hit for me. In fact, most fall releases from Jessica I have really enjoyed.

The collection has six shades and all have subtle silver pearl shimmer except one. I love the pearl shimmer. It's enough to see but not too much where it makes it frosty. All were two coats and a really lovely formula which is what I expect from Jessica. The collection isn't going to be to the taste of everyone but I'm a fan. They are lush and muted without being dusty and remind me of rich fabric like velvet. Rebel Glam is a hit with me. I'm showing how I wore them as well as swatches.

Wild Thing. A coffee-ish brown with silver pearl shimmer. Reminds me of melted chocolate with a bit of caramel mixed in - yum!

Wild Thing with OPI Pros & Bronze.

Purple Edge. Reminds me of grape juice. A rich deep purple with silver pearl shimmer.

Purple Edge with Jessica Life of the Party.

Dangerously Dark. A lush burgundy with that pearl shimmer.

Dangerously Dark stamped with plate M73 using China Glaze Millennium.

Showstopper. A smokey olive green with silver pearl shimmer. Love this one. I wore this one just as it is because it's awesome.

Vampy Vixen. A smokey blue based spruce green. Another favorite and I wore it as is because I enjoyed the color.

Street Swagger. The only creme of the collection. A deep blood red that's not too brown or black. Love it!

Street Swagger with OPI Heart of Gold. Sexy!

The Rebel Glam collection was sent to me for review which is wonderful! You can get the Rebel Glam collection on their website and you can search for distributors as well.

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