Smackdown: Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow vs. All That Glitters Space Rock

These are not exact dupes but I think they are close enough to be kissing cousins. I actually prefer Space Rock over Mercury's Rainbow because it has a clear base which means I can wear it over all sorts of colors making it more versatile. The fine shimmer in the base of Space Rock sparkles as much as the bigger pieces of glitter. I really, really like them both but Space Rock wins for me. This may help if have been wanting the Lynnderella. 

You can purchase All That Glitters Space Rock from her etsy shop. Lynnderella is sold through llarowe through a wishlist system. 

Lots of photos and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. The photos can be enlarged so feel free to click on them. 

Alone. Space Rock is one coat and Mercury's Rainbow is about three. 

Over a deep charcoal and here is where they look like kissing cousins. 

Over a light grey. 

Under a cooler light. 

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