Candeo Colors Rittenhouse

I was born in Philadelphia, PA and have decided that I will die here. I love this city and that includes all it's negative aspects but it's a great city. Whenever a nail polish is named after Philly itself or an area of the city or even a landmark I have to buy it. It doesn't happen often to tell the truth. Which is why I own Candeo Colors Rittenhouse. This polish is named after the Rittenhouse Square area of Philly but we natives just call it Rittenhouse. It's a pretty area. The squirrels are bold and I believe that they use that park as headquarters for their world domination planning. Evil little bastards. Ah, I love this city. 

This polish does not photograph well but I think the next time I wear it I will thin it and layer it over another color. It's not as oatmeal looking in reality and I like it but I don't love it. The only reason I bought it was because it's part of the Philadelphia collection. The other two from that collection are awesome! 

Candeo Colors has moved out of etsy and to a new site here. Can't wait for her to open up! Candeo Colors can also be found on Facebook. 

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