Jessica Cosmetics Bliss Is This Collection

Someone contacted me to let me know that this collection is a (possible) dupe to the Chanel 2012 Spring collection. Sweet!

Bliss Is This is a bridal collection from Jessica Cosmetics. I'm not a bridal/wedding type but these three colors seem like an unusual choice for a wedding theme. I'm used to seeing softer more pastel colors but these aren't pastel nor do they have a bridal feel to them. The formula was nice on all of them and they all dried with this amazing shine! I was very impressed with that aspect. I can't say any of the colors are unique and I can't say I am a huge fan of them but that is a personal taste issue. I'm still wondering how they picked these three as a bridal collection. *shrug*

Love Story (Chanel June dupe) is a pale creamy orange that reminds me very, very strongly of Chanel June. I don't own Chanel June but from the many photos I have looked at it could be a close dupe. Love Story looks like the Circus Peanut candy. The tone changes depending on the light and I tried to show that in the photos. 

I added some Nubar Orange Glitter to the tips. 

Desire (Chanel April dupe) is a pink plum creme. Great formula and really, really shiny. I'm not wearing any topcoat in these photos. The color isn't unique at all but it sure does shine. 

Here it is with a coat of Essence Louise. 

Flirtation (Chanel May dupe) is a warm muted pink. This is not a stark pink and it has an elegant feel to it. I actually like this one on me. It makes my fingers look long instead of fat and short. 

Here I added a coat of Personi Cosmic Jelly and topped all that with Orly Matte topcoat which dries to a satin finish as opposed to a true matte. It gives it a diffused look. 

Disclosure: These were sent to me for review but can be had from Jessica Cosmetics directly. 

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