Smackdown: Nars Night Series

I'm not able to compare all four of them with other polishes for one reason or another. I'll give my thoughts and compare two of the series. I have to say that if you are going to splurge on only one I would pick Night Rider. It has this delicate look without it being wimpy or too girly.

I hope this helps. I've gotten a few emails asking my opinion so I thought I would just make a post.

Night Rider

I just don't have anything in my stash like Night Rider. I'm not usually drawn to colors like this and what I have is too gold, too pink, not lilac enough, not the right finish, etc. For me Night Rider is unique. I think with some layering you could get something close. I think OPI Princess Rule over a lilac foil will give you a cousin to Night Rider. Possibly a clearish glass fleck polish over a lilac cream may satisfy as well. Of course, after layering and playing around you could just buy the actual polish.

Night Porter

I thought I would be able to dupe this one but no. Nubar Verde is close to color but the finish gives it a totally different look. Zoya Suvi over a black is somewhat close but doesn't have that golden shimmer. I really tried but didn't match it. Odd considering I have 1 million green polishes. I do have to say that if you want an amazing shimmery dark green I suggest going with Nubar Verde.

Night Breed

I thought this one would be easy and I came close. I compared it to Borghese Nero Magico, Orly Goth and Nubar Knight's Armor. The Borghese is close enough that it would satisfy your craving for this polish. The Nars has the silver woven through it which gives it a consistent silver shimmer look. I have to say that if you have to pick a black/silver glitter polish I highly suggest the Nubar. Yes, even over Nars.

Night Flight

Again, no exact dupe because Night Flight has the shimmer woven through it and gives it a slight glitter look. I compared it to Misa A Sin Worth Committing, Jessica Midnight Moonlight and NYX Girls Pacific Blue. The base color of all of them are close but none have that shimmer. If you layer the Jessica over black you can get close to Night Flight. This is one of those polishes that the normal non-polish person isn't going to see a big difference.

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