Swatches: Nars Night Series

I love Nars. I love Nars the way some folks love Chanel or RBL. I heard whispers about the Night Series nail polish and called up Nordstrom and ordered them. I didn't hesitate and when the dust settled I realized they were $17 a bottle. Ouch. Well, the cats have food so they won't starve so all is good in my world.

They aren't the most unique polishes in the world but the formula is lovely on all of them. Night Rider is two coats and if I were careful I could have done one with the rest. I'm liking them but they could be duped at a much cheaper price so unless you are a collector (or crazy) don't feel too bad if you don't get them.

Night Rider. A soft lilac with lots of shimmer and sparkle. It has a slight foil finish. Very pretty and delicate looking.

Night Flight. A deep sapphire blue with pearly shimmer. Dark but doesn't look black.

Night Porter. Green! A deep green with shimmer.

Night Breed. A black with silver glitter.

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