China Glaze Halloween 2011 Haunting Collection

I snapped this up the minute they showed up on Victoria Nail Supply. I do love online shopping. I don't have to wear shoes or pants to do it.

Feel free to click the images to make them larger.

Near Dark. Is a dark yellow based green creme. I thought I would need more coats because the first one went on so thin but I only needed two. It's murky and a bit warmer than a straight black.

I did a quick comparison between Near Dark and OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow which is more forest green.

Crimson. A vampy and very dark purple based red. It reminds me of a deep merlot wine. It went on very nicely and only needed two coats. You can see the base color around the edge of the nail. Very sensual color. I didn't do a comparison to this one, sorry.

It's Alive. My pick of the collection. Two different sized glitter and it's green! Not as murky as I thought it was going to be when I first saw it. Formula was a little thick but I tend to expect that with glitter polishes. Two coats and it's not a top coat eater. I like to think this is what zombie cheerleaders would wear.

Quick comparison of China Glaze Zombie Zest and It's Alive. Totally different so feel free to own both. Ha!

Haunting. A black with silver glitter. Not unique but the glitter in this isn't sparse like other black with silver polishes. It blends really well with the black. Great formula and doesn't eat top coat.

Quick comparison of Nars Night Breed and Haunting. They are close but the glitter in Night Breed is a bit different as you can see.

Happy Friday!

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