CND Pink Wishes

Pink Wishes is a limited edition set that comes with Pink Wishes Colour and Pink Wishes Pearl Effect. It's pink for October and Breast Cancer awareness. I'm a sucker for CND Effects and the only reason I bought this set was for the Effect. They are fun and I'm always impressed with CND's formula.

Pink Wishes Colour is a pale pink creme. Not a huge fan of this color but I am pleased with the formula. Very smooth and creamy. I needed three coats but if I put on thicker coats I could have done two. But it's pink and pale. Eh.

Pink Wishes Pearl Effect gives a pink pearlescent sheen to the polish. It doesn't cloud the base color which is what I enjoy most about the Effect polishes. It's subtle over the pink and I can see this looking great over a grape purple or teal polish.

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