Golden Rose Matte Velvet Collection: Part One

I got new toys in the mail recently and they are the Golden Rose Matte Velvet polishes. I am not a big fan of matte polishes but I do like polishes with a suede/velvet finish. I have a large number of creme polishes and a few matte topcoats so a basic matte doesn't really move me but I do like a finish with texture. I got my first Matte Velvet polish in a swap and when I saw that the rest were available from Golden Rose USA I snatched them up. I decided to show them all to you so you can see them. They don't have names but are numbered which is kind of annoying. 

I had no issues with formula on any of them. All are two coats but I could easily use a thicker application for one coat. Dry time was quick. I bought these at Golden Rose USA and they are inexpensive which I like! There are ten total and I'll show the first five today and the remaining five tomorrow. 

101 is a sky blue. 

102 is a cornflower blue with a more obvious velvet finish. 

103 is a shade of royal blue. A vibrant blue without being too loud. 

104 is a denim blue. 

105 is a teal green. Yum! One of my favorites. 

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