Finger Paints Holiday 2012 Holiday of Wonders

I'm such a sucker for holiday collections and, normally, I really enjoy what Finger Paints' holiday collections. This one is kind of 'eh' - not awful but nothing really exciting or new though they are pretty and cheerful. I bought these at my local Sally and they only had one bottle of each color. I asked the sales clerk and she said that her store only got one bottle of each color. Stingy bastards! 

Midnight Sleigh Ride. Gorgeous formula. A mid-tone blue with small flecks of shimmer. It's oddly chilly looking on the nail. This is one coat. 

Santa's Magic is a very blingy holo silver glitter. This is one coat over Midnight Sleigh Ride and the glitter applies really well and with good coverage. 

Elves Bells is a dull gold glitter with round opalescent pieces. I'm on the fence with this one since I really like the round opalescent pieces but I'm not loving the shade of gold. This is two coats. 

HollyDazzle is a cherry red with some really stunning shimmer. Woven within the polish is violet shimmer. Awesome but really difficult to photograph. The little hint of violet makes this a bit different from the standard red but this reminds me strongly of China Glaze Cherry Pie but more dense. Two coats. 

Merry Mistletoe is sheer. I mean very, very sheer. I tried wearing it alone but after five (yes five!) coats I still had very obvious nail showing. I decided to layer it over Orly Lucky Duck and it looks just like China Glaze White Cap. Bummer because in the bottle it looks like a grass green with tons of golden shimmer. Two coats  layered over the Orly. 

Sparkle and Snowflake is your standard silver and holo glitter. It's a more dense version of China Glaze Fairy Dust. One coat over the above manicure. 

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