Spring Green Comparison

I have a weakness for greens, especially ones that remind me of spring. They aren't for everyone since some of the ones I am drawn to look like pea soup. I thought I would do a comparison of some of my favorites.

I pulled out four and they are: Misa Green With Envy, Orly Green Apple, Nubar Green Tea, and Orly Mint Mojito. I think the Misa is my favorite of this bunch. They are all yellow based greens with Orly Mint Mojito being more green.

Here they are in their bottles.

Here they are on the nails. Going from left to right they are Orly Mint Mojito, Nubar Green Tea, Orly Green Tea, and Misa Green With Envy.

Here from left to right they are Misa Green With Envy, Orly Green Apple, Nubar Green Tea, and Orly Mint Mojito. Mint Mojito pulls blue in the photo when it isn't.

Misa Green With Envy is a yellow based pea soup green. I wouldn't call it pretty but I would call it awesome! Three coats and it wears like iron. I love Misa and this is such a unique and funky color.

Orly Green Apple is a granny smith apple green. It's a little more green compared to the Misa. It's very crisp looking without being stark.

Nubar Green Tea is a softer yellow green. It has more green compared to both the Misa and the Orly. If you want a yellow based green without it pulling too yellow this is a good choice.

Orly Mint Mojito is a minty yellow green that leans a tad on the cool side. It has an almost jelly like finish. It's a very vibrant green but it doesn't make me think of mint at all. Some of had some staining issue with this but I haven't had any issues yet. This pull blue so I messed with it a bit and the below photo, on my monitor, is true to color.

Nubar can be purchased at Nubar and the Orly can be had at Victoria Nail Supply or TransDesign. I purchased the Misa at a store here in Philly.


- March 29, 2010 at 7:30 PM

Aww "Green With Envy" is AWESOME. And I would call it pretty too (but I love acid green, mwahaha). Oddly enough, they're on your nails in my order of preference starting from the Misa I love the most. How did you manage to do that? ;)

LB March 29, 2010 at 8:21 PM

I love that Misa! I tend to not wear it too often because I don't want to run out. That makes no logical sense considering the amount I have but there you go! It looks great on toes too.

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