KOH Green Stardust

I love this polish. It's soft and subtle and it reminds me of stone for some reason. I really adore the packaging of KOH. The bottles makes me feel as if I am painting my nails with ink from an inkwell. Plus you get a little case to keep your polish safe and warm. Lovely. I hate thinking of my polish being cold and lonely.

Green Stardust is a soft green with shimmer and opalescent green/blue flakes. The formula is thin and oddly delicate feeling but it is opaque at three coats. I want more from this brand but they are expensive. *sigh* Gluttony seems to be the word of the day.

Witoxicity has a great post on ordering from KOH. It helped me a lot when I placed my order.

Cooler lighting to show the flakes a bit better.

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