Flake Spam

I like Spam. I grew up with it and once in a bluemoon I get a craving for it. Yum! Anyway, flake spam sounds like a dish but it is actually some photos of various flake polishes that I own.

LA Girl Crowd Surfing. Not a traditional flake polish but it has little copper flakes in a sheer green base. I layered this one over OPI Green-wich Village.

Nfu-Oh 39 reminds me of that foil stuff you put in gift bags. It has blue flakes that have a slight green flash to them.

Nfu-Oh 56 is a shimmery green with green flakes. It also has a blue cast in certain angles. This isn't a clear base flake but a shimmery base. It's like having emerald jewels on your fingers.

Nfu-Oh 59 has a red base with flakes.

Nfu-Oh 60 has a black base with flakes.

NYX Purple Ave is in a sheer lilac base with blueish flakes. These are fun and cheap.

NYX Blue Ave is my favorite. It is in a sheer blue base with blue and orange/copper flakes. Very interesting. It reminds me of a stone.

You can get NYX and LA Girls at Cherry Culture and Nfu-Oh at Fabuloustreet.


Ali'sNailNews August 27, 2010 at 7:59 PM

I LOVE flakes, too. :-) They all look great, and I've now added them to my wish list. lol...just what I need! ;-)

LB August 28, 2010 at 5:18 AM

Well at least the NYX are inexpensive!

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