Orly Opal Hope

I had to cut all my nails down (you may have noticed) and not because I had a break either. I decided to file my ring finger a bit and after realized it was crooked. I fixed it and noticed it was a bit pointy and next thing I knew it was filed crooked again. I got annoyed and just cut them all down. My hands now look like that of a toddler - short and chubby. Ah, well they will grow again.

I wanted something clean looking to go with the short length and picked Essie Secret Affair but I thought it was boring so I added Orly Opal Hope. It's a sheer pink with green shimmer/flash. It's a really awesome polish that looks way better on the nail than the bottle. In fact it is so cool that I am adding a bottle to the giveaway.

My new shorties with Essie Secret Affair. Luckily I can still give my head a good scratching!

Orly Opal Hope over the Essie.

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Millie September 18, 2010 at 11:10 PM

This looks nice - subtle but interesting. I just got Orly Rock Candy for the same purpose. Sorry you had to file your nails short. I prefer mine long too since I think it makes my fingers look longer and less chubby.

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