Essie 2012 Resort Collection

Don't forget about the raffle!

I like that Essie puts out mini bottles and that they don't suck. I like all of these colors but No More Film is my favorite! I bought a full bottle because that is how much I like it. I bought this collection offline but they are available at Transdesign for well below retail. I had no issues with the formula on any of them and it's a nice little collection.

Pink-A-Boo is a pale pink with green shimmer. This reminds me very much of Jessica Rolling Rose but the shimmer is more pronounced and it's a bit more sheer. If you had your eye on Rolling Rose but can't get it I suggest Pink-A-Boo. Next time I'll wear it over something.

She's Picture Perfect is a grey toned light purple with purple shimmer. It's oddly delicate and grungy all at once. It reminds me of Finger Paints Get Real-ism. If you liked Essie Demure Vixen you will probably like this one.

Sure Shot is a vivid fuschia. It's very bright in the sun and a bit darker in the shade. This will be great with some glitter over it. It's not shy at all!

Here it is in the sun - see how it becomes more vibrant?

No More Film is a deep eggplant purple that borders on being indigo. It's dark but not black looking and is very close to OPI Sapphire in the Snow. It has a wonderful formula - creamy and smooth in one coat.

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