Speciallità HITS Glitter Forte in 388/Hard Rock

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I love a good glitter especially one that makes my nails look like a disco ball. It's tacky and garish and wonderful all at once. It makes me happy. I'm really liking the Glitter Forte collection. It even has a OPI Absolutely Alice dupe in 612/Brit Pop but the brushes are kind of sucky but that seems to be a common trend in this brand. Ah well, I can work with that for the bling. 

This is one coat of Glitter Forte 388/Hard Rock over a silver foil.  You can purchase this (and the other Glitter  Forte colors) from Llarowe and Ninja Polish. All these great sellers are making me piss through my nail polish budget like crazy. I may have to eat one of the cats for sustenance. Or maybe my Dad. 

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