All That Glitters Spotty Dottie Light and Spotty Dottie Dark

Don't forget about the raffle!

I figured I would continue the black and white glitter trend and I'm glad to see that that post was enjoyed. I saw Spotty Dottie Light and Spotty Dottie Dark on All That Glitters Etsy shop and bought them ASAP. You don't find opaque white glitter polish very often and you can never have too much black glitter. They are so cool! Formula is a bit thick but I find with glitter polish like these that a thicker formula gives better coverage. Thinner will be needed in the future but for right now they are good. I really like them and if you have been hunting for a white glitter you can't go wrong with Spotty Dottie Light.  

I wore them over a white and black creme polish. They have the look of paper pieces sprinkled on the nail or funky Dalmatian fur. I hit my ring finger before the polish was dry which is why it looks lumpy. All user error and not polish error. 

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