Color Club Magnetic Force in Cop An Attitude

Don't forget about the raffle!

I do love magnetic polishes. I'm so fascinated by them and feel the need to own at least one from each offering. I saw this one from Color Club and since it's copper and magnetic I brought it home. I have to say that it is a wonderful formula and the magnet is really good. The magnet has a wavy pattern and it's strong enough to give a clear and well defined image without having to hold it over the nail for very long. The color is great as well. A nice shimmery red based copper. This photographed slightly muted so picture this much more defined, shimmery and vibrant in reality. 

If you don't have any magnetic polishes I think Color Club would be a good option since it was so easy to work with. I bought this offline but they are available online at Transdesign, Victoria Nail Supply and Head2Toe Beauty.

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