China Glaze Liquid Crystal

Don't forget about the raffle!

I have been looking forward to the China Glaze Prismatic collection ever since I've heard whispers about it. I picked Liquid Crystal to wear first and it's so pretty! It has a blue base with a subtle color shift of purple, pink and more blue. It has all these neat round multi-colored glitters and it just shines! I wore one coat over Essie No More Film but you can easily wear it alone but wearing it layered seems to bring out the best aspects of this polish. It's not a huge topcoat eater either which is a nice surprise. I love this collection and I'm glad to see something unique in the commercial polish world. 

I bought this collection offline but it can be had on Amazon, Transdesign and other retailers. It's a really great collection! 

Lots of photos of this one. 

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