Rainbow Polish Trooper

I was trolling Etsy and saw that Rainbow Polish had four new polishes inspired by Star Wars. Oh yeah! I love Star Wars so I bought the gift set of all of them. I decided to wear Trooper first because I do have a weakness for black and white glitter polishes and Stormtroopers are so bad ass. Not as bad ass as Boba Fett but still high on the bad ass scale. 

The formula on Trooper is just thick enough to get a good amount of glitter but not too thick where it will cause issues. It will need thinner with use but I have no problem with that. The black glitter is on the light side which fits with the Stormtrooper inspiration. I really like this one. She did a great job with the mix of white glitters and the base also has a subtle shimmer. I really like this polish and the rest of them. 

Macro bottle shot. 

I first wore Trooper over China Glaze Elephant Walk. I got tons of bubbles because my topcoat needs thinned. You can't see the bubbles in reality but in photos it makes it look bad. 

I wore it again but this time over China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. I found the formula on Kalahari Kiss to be thick and gooey which caused some small bubbles and frustration. It doesn't take away from the coolness of Trooper. 

I'm holding out hope that a polish maker will make an Alien collection. A good one! Ah, that would be so awesome that I would probably wet my pants. 

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