Maybelline Color Show Fall 2012 Fashion Week Collection

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It's really rare for me to find a limited edition display in the drugstore that is current. I sometimes find things months later but this time I found something that is new. I was excited which is kind of sad now that I think about it. I figured I would buy all of the new Maybelline Color Show Fashion Week colors since I was feeling giddy and a bit greedy. I wish I hadn't now that I've tried them. That will teach me for being greedy.  

My thoughts. I found the formula on most of them to be thin and runny which caused pooling and pulling. Annoying! The brighter metallic colors dried with some texture which is more prominent in photos but it does show some in reality. Overall, it's not a bad collection but each color can be duped with other colors and sometimes more than one. The bottles are smaller than the average US polish bottle so at $4 a bottle you think you are getting a deal but you aren't. I think the non-polish junkie will be impressed with the collection but it doesn't have anything we (yes you!) haven't seen before. 

Auburn Ablaze. A cherry tobacco with a small hint of shimmer. Thin formula and wanted to go everywhere. It pulled away from the tips which drove me crazy! Pretty color but nothing unique. Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco is a nice substitute. 

Avante Green. I think every brand on earth has a color like this now. Thin formula and also kind of gummy. I had to wait for the first coat to dry a bit before I applied the second. It's thin but not thin enough to layer and have it look good. It has a soft duochrome quality. I do have to say that this really glows on the nail - very vibrant.

Boho Gold. Again, pretty but nothing new. Has the same formula as Avante Green. China Glaze just put out a collection with a color like this with a better formula. 

Pink Cosmo. Very sheer and thin. Applying this drove me nuts because it was even gummier than Avante Green and it stilled wanted to pool everywhere. Jerk. I am wearing this over Orly You're Blushing. 

Here you can see the pink much better. 

Metal Icon. This had a nice formula! I'm not wearing topcoat because I was curious to see the finish and it has a slight suede look. I think this is supposed to be a Chanel Graphite dupe but it's not as sparkly and it's actually on the cool side. It seems cooler than the traditional charcoal shade. I like this one! 

Downtown Brown. I wanted to like this one but, again, the formula on this one was such a bitch. Gummy, thin and it dried with brush strokes. You can see a big gap on my pinkie because some of the polish sort of dripped down toward my cuticle. Great color but not a great formula. Reminds me of MAC Club eyeshadow. The only polishes I can think that may match this are discontinued - Maybelline Vanishing Venus and Misa Embroidered Emerald. I've read that NYX Smoldering is close but I can't confirm that and Orly Galaxy Girl may be a good substitute as well. 

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