Butter London Sprog

This polish photographs blue which some purple shades tend to do. I had to tweak the color in Photoshop and what I see on my monitor is the color I see on my nails. I would say it is 95% color accurate. I say this because I have seen a photo or two of this polish on other blogs and it looks way more blue than it is. When my hands are near something blue the color looks more purple and when my hands are near something purple the color looks more blue. Magic!

Sprog has a slight grey dusty quality to it so it looks muted even though it is vibrant on the nail. It leans more toward the purple spectrum of periwinkle. I haven't compared them but, from memory, it reminds me of Orly Cashmere Cardigan and/or Essie Boxer Shorts. I'm pretty sure they aren't dupes but cousins. I had no issues with the formula and found it to be very, very nice to apply. Creamy and smooth. 

I bought this from Butter London. I love the color and formula and the name is a winner for me. My Mom used to introduce me and my brother as her sprogs to people. Ha!

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