Butter London Stag Do

Stag Do is exclusive to Nordstrom and I have no idea if it will be available else where. In the bottle it's this amazing murky green/teal with awesome shimmer. On the nail it is a dark slate blue teal creme with a tiny, tiny, tiny hint of shimmer. Basically this polish is a big fat liar! It looks nothing like the bottle on the nail. I don't totally regret buying it but I will say that if you have any creme polishes in this shade and a few shimmer toppers you can easily pass on this. 

Bottle. See that shimmer? Gorgeous. 

Don't be fooled though because here it is on the nail. A dark slate teal blue creme. LIAR! It does have a beautiful creamy formula but I wanted that amazing shimmer to be more visible. To be fair the description online does say slight shimmer. Still. Hmph. 

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