Hit Polish Precious Metal

I found Hit Polish on Etsy one night browsing for bath goodies. Bath stuff is another strong interest of mine so Etsy is a two level evil. I browsed through the polish and was pretty amazed at the large selection of glitter polishes that is offered. I decided to order a few and I am very, very pleased. The polishes I purchased have a wonderful formula - not too thin and just thick enough to get very good coverage with one coat. I also like the fact that she offers the opportunity to purchase a mini in a full size. I like the idea of mini bottles but I really prefer to have a full size. I have no idea why but I do! 

I went with Precious Metal to wear first. It's a wonderful and well thought out mix of warm metallic shades including copper and bronze. I do have a slight weakness for copper and you don't always find a non-pink based copper glitter. It also has a fine mix of micro holo glitter. It's sparkly and pretty and metallic. I'm pleased and I'm actually eyeing a few other shades even though I haven't worn the others I have bought. Opps!

I am wearing one coat of Precious Metal over SpaRitual Mind. If you have been craving a warm based metal based glitter I highly recommend this one! 

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