Jessica Cosmetics 2012 Fall Spicy Dream Collection

I already wore Cinnamon Kiss and Champagne Bubbles and really liked both. I decided to show the other colors with the exception of Crimson Tattoo because I can't get my bottle open. I've tried everything but it is still closed tight as a drum. Ah well. I have to say that Pumpkin Delight and Gingersnap are the stars of this collection. I haven't seen anything released (as of yet) like these for the fall/winter season except maybe Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve and For Golds Time Sake. The shimmer in both of them is wonderful and it stays glamorous even after wear. Those two are my picks for sure. 

Jessica nail polish can be purchased from Jessica Cosmetics directly. I know that Ninja Polish sells a limited selection of this brand and I hope they have plans to add this collection to the store. 

Brown Sugar. I hate this one. The formula is thick and gooey even after thinner and the silver shimmer gives it a frosty look instead of a pearl. Jessica did a great job with the pearl finish with the Rebel Glam collection but not this one! It dried with texture as you can see in the photos and I just don't like it. 

Gingersnap. Yum. Lots of shimmer and life to this one. It's a bronze brown sort of color and it's a big winner. Wonderful formula and it went on extremely well. 

Pumpkin Delight. Like Gingersnap but copper with hints of red/rose. Again, great formula. I love copper shades! 

Disclaimer: These products were sent for review by Jessica Cosmetics

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