Misa Fall 2012 WanderLust Collection


I was kind of excited about the WanderLust collection from Misa. I saw a post with swatches and went "Ooo" when I saw it. They looked great! All that shimmer and glowing - yes! Well, in reality most of them are a let down. I have no complaints on the formula on any of them and a few I really liked but for the most part I am eh about them. They look so great in the bottle but the shimmer just doesn't translate to the nail. I get annoyed at hidden shimmer polishes. Be a shimmer or not! Hmph! 

Keep in mind that the first three are in direct sunlight and the shimmer shows much, much better so don't get too excited like I did. In reality they have a soft and subtle (secret!) shimmer that you really can't see. I want to emphasize this because I felt fooled when I bought them after seeing swatches that made them seem as if the shimmer wasn't subtle. You are better off buying some CND Effects and wearing them over a creme. 

I wore Epiphany already and here are the rest.

Frozen in Time. This reminds me of Sinful Zeus. 

BreakAway. This is very much like Jessica Witchy Wisteria and Zoya Tru so not an original color. 

Lost to the World. 

Taking Chances. This one I like because it reminds me of older Misa polishes. It's a golden apricot/peach with gold glitter flecks. This is unique to my collection because I'm not normally drawn to colors like this. I may have to fix that. 

Live Without Knowing. Now this one is nice! It's a dirty taupe mink color with hints of a purple undertone with golden shimmer. To me, this is the star of the collection. 

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