CrowsToes Hell Hath No Fury

I'm biased when it comes to CrowsToes because not only is it one of my favorite indie brands it's one of my favorite brands overall. I feel the same devotion for CrowsToes that some folks feel for Lynnderella and Chanel. Lots of love for CrowsToes from me!

Hell Hath No Fury is a new color and is packed with red and orange glitter with little opalescent violet glitter pieces and a shimmery base. Stunning! I find the thicker formula to be more to my taste as opposed to a thinner base. It really helps to get good glitter coverage with one coat. I am wearing one coat over Color Club In the Limelight. 

You can see photos of all of the new colors at Canvas Nails. Hell Hath no Fury looks so good over coral! You can purchase CrowsToes at Overall Beauty and Llarowe

Bottle shot. You can see the violet glitter here really well. Unfortunately, the glitter didn't show in the photos but it shows really well in reality. Even in lowlight/shade this polish sparkles. 

On the nail. 

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