Piggy Polish Just Called to Sleigh Hello

I'm annoyed.

Annoyance #1:
Piggy Polish hasn't really been on my radar but a few polishes of late have caught my eye. I decided to order from them. I paid $9 a bottle and after I placed the order I noticed on Ulta they were $7.50. Ok, my fault since I should have looked there first but I had no clue they were cheaper at Ulta. I've never experienced a brand selling at different retail prices especially when buying direct.

Annoyance #2:
I contacted them the day my order shipped because the tracking number wasn't valid. I didn't hear back from them. I tried email (three times), the contact form (two times) on the site and Facebook (which I dislike doing) and never received a reply from any of my contact attempts. I did this over a period of thirteen business days so I gave them time and I don't think I was annoying. I finally received my order and two of the bottles were broken. I didn't contact them because I don't have any faith that they will respond and I don't want to have to wait close to three weeks to receive a replacement. It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can honestly say that I won't order from them again.

Ah, but there are other polishes for me to conquer.

Having said that this is a really great glitter. A bit thick and topcoat hungry but the color and pow factor are stunning. An in your face red glitter with opalescent round glitter and it just sparkles. I like the polish just not my experience.


Sparkly Vernis November 26, 2011 at 2:36 AM

Wow! That's gorgeous! I can't believe their costumer service completely ignored you :( you should really tell them about the broken bottles though, take pics maybe?

Jessica - RiotDemon November 28, 2011 at 6:30 AM

I would never let them get away with broken bottles or horrible service like that. It actually makes me angry. Make them refund you if you don't want to wait. Companies need to communicate with their customers. BS I tell ya.

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