Misa Epiphany Stamped with BM-315

I removed any content about my Mom because she wasn't happy about being on the internet. She was pretty pissed actually. Why are Moms so good at the guilt and shame thing? Ouch. So lets pretend I never posted anything about her. Thank you!

I kept looking at Epiphany as I was wearing it because it reminded me of something. It was driving me crazy because I couldn't figure out why it felt familiar to me. I hate when that happens! You know that white and gold fabric that you see around the holidays that is usually used to decorate tables? I usually see that combination with table runners or placemats. This is what this gold reminds me of but in a more muted shade. I decided to stamp it using Bundle Monster plate BM-315 and white polish to kind of mimic that look. I like it - it's sweet looking. 

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