Finger Paints Be-Leaf It Or Not!

I'm beginning to think that commercial nail polish companies believe that most people like the "pun" type names they have created for nail polishes. I blame OPI and Suzi. Putting aside the stupid name, Be-Leaf It or Not! (yes the exclamation point is part of the name) is a lovely light peridot/olive green with visible shimmer. It reminds me of the lighter green aspect of Chanel Peridot (and all the dupes). The formula is a bit on the thin side but easy to work with and only needed two and half coats - I went over a few spots which counts for the half. 

Reminds me that I haven't worn a green in awhile. 

This is from the Fall 2012 Fall of Surprises collection. I purchased mine online from Sally Beauty. If you purchase online don't forget to go through Ebates for 6% back or Mr. Rebates for 8% back. Seriously, always check those sites for coupons and the rebate amount! 

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