Smackdown: Nerd Lacquer All of Time and Space vs Pound of Glitter Never Enough of These

I'm picking the winner to the giveaway on Monday so don't forget to enter. 

I was browsing Etsy (as usual) and discovered a new brand/creator - Pound of Glitter. Never Enough of These caught my eye so I bought it. I'm easy! When I received it I realized that it is really, really close to Nerd Lacquer's All of Time and Space but, in my opinion, better. I decided to do a Smackdown

The base of All of Time and Space is a deeper green and it doesn't have that fine holo glitter that Never Enough of These contains. The formula of Never Enough of These is smooth and easy to work with and no sinking glitter. The thinner formula also allows the glitter to show better and also gives the option to layer it over a creme. My only complaint with Pound of Glitter is that there is no brand label on the bottle. All of Time and Space has a thicker formula and the glitter sinks. It has a rougher looking texture when it dries and it doesn't need to be layered. 

They are both beautiful polishes but I have to declare Never Enough of These the winner because it has a better formula and overall look. Also, it's way, way easier and cheaper to acquire so if you have been wanting All of Time and Space I highly recommend Never Enough of These. I purchased Never Enough of These directly from Pound of Glitter on Etsy. I can't wait for Gray Matter to come back in stock! Sadly, Nerd Lacquer is no longer available for retail purchase. 

Both are two coats on a nail wheel. 

Under cooler light.

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