Orly Halo

Orly Halo is from the 2012 Naughty or Nice collection which is Orly's holiday collection. Nothing like a holiday color in August. Weird. I bought this one and Angel Eyes and I may need to buy the other two glitters. They are pretty sweet! Nice formula and I am wearing two coats of Halo alone and had no issues. I can see this needing thinner in the future but, to me, that is expected of glitters. 

Halo carries on my craving for lighter feeling colors with the combination of silver and gold. This reminds me of OPI Spark De Triomphe but a bit deeper and more sparkly since Halo has the addition of little tiny glitter sparkles. When you move your fingers the little glitters spark like fireworks but much more subtle. It's kind of like the glitter version of Jessica Champagne Bubbles and I bet they would look great layered together. 

I bought this at TransDesign.

Very bad photo in low light to show what it looks like in a more "natural" setting. You can see the little bits of gold in between the silver.

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