Coco Allure Nail Polish Peaches and Dreams

There is speculation that Peaches and Dreams from Coco Allure Nail Polish may be a dupe for that coral Lynnderella that went for way more than it is worth. I have no clue since I don't own (nor will I) that Lynnderella but I can say that Peaches and Dreams is a sweet polish. I was drawn to it because of the opalescent violet glitter and that it was different from what most Indie brands are creating. 

It's a peach coral jelly that is easy to wear and apply. I'm not usually a fan of a jelly finish but I'm drawn to this one. I love the little opal glitters! I'm very pleased. It looks really great over a dark navy blue as well! The below is two coats and it went on smooth. it's very delicate and, surprisingly, attractive on me. 

I bought this from Coco Allure Nail Polish and I plan on buying two more that I have my eye on. 

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