Misa Epiphany

Misa is one of my favorite brands. I tend to pass on their Spring and Summer collections but I perk up with the Fall colors. They appeal to me because they aren't afraid to do "ugly" colors with interesting finishes. Epiphany (which is one of my favorite words) is from the Fall 2012 Wanderlust collection and Misa describes it as a soft buttercup yellow which is not at all what it looks like to me. I think it is a yellow pale gold with golden/copper shimmer. It reminds me of pale gold lame fabric that you would find on an old clutch/purse. I think this would look great on someone with a darker skin color that has yellow or red undertones. 

I needed three coats because the formula is a bit fluffy which tends to create slight bald spots. Not a huge issue for me but it may be for some. I don't think I have anything like this in my collection. I bought this at TransDesign

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