Reader Request: SpaRitaul Yes I Can and Zoya Shawn

Rach requested a comparison of SpaRitual Yes I Can and Zoya Shawn.

SpaRitual Yes I Can. A vibrant spring green with a light yellow base. Shiny and smooth. Love this color.

Zoya Shawn. A deeper green with a stronger yellow base that gives it a slight murky feel. I love this one too.

Here they are together. From left to right (pointer finger to pinkie finger) SpaRitual, Zoya, SpaRitual and Zoya.

Zoya on top and SpaRitual on the bottom. This one shows the difference better. The Zoya is deeper and a bit more army green in color. The SpaRitual is more vibrant and more of a grass/spring green.


Rach August 5, 2010 at 6:42 PM

Thank you so much for the comparison swatches!!! Now that you've really showed the difference with these pictures, I won't be able to pass up Shawn. Also, I figured you wouldn't mind this request (as much) because it's green polish! Thanks again, lady. :D

LB August 5, 2010 at 11:00 PM

You are very welcome! I don't mind requests at all but if they are green I love them more! Shawn really is an amazing green.

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