Milani Liquid Metal

Post is photo heavy but I am discovering that I can't just post one photo! Remember to click for a larger photo.

I ran across the display for both of the new limited edition Liquid Metal collections from Milani at CVS. They are both called Liquid Metal but one has brighter colors and one has more metallic colors. Here are the names and color descriptions of the colors I did not buy. If you Google search you can find display photos.

Melt With U - Red orange
Metal Gear - Copper
My Network - Champagne gold
I'm Online - Rose gold
Just Browsing - White
PC Girl - Silver

I had some issues with the formula on all of them. I had to do thin layers and wait a bit before the next layer or I got bald spots. Dry time was a bit slow even with Seche over it. I'm going to have to try another topcoat. Not a perfect formula but the colors make up for it. They are all vibrant in real life, much more vibrant than in the photo. All of these were taken under my Ott but are true to color on my monitor.

2.0 is a charcoal foil with tiny multi-colored sparkles. You don't see the sparkles in the bottle and they are subtle on the nail but they are there.

Hot Metal. My next favorite and one that suprised me. A purple toned pink with purple and pink shimmer/sparkles. This one looks more of a glass flecked look as opposed to metallic or foil. I layered it over black, a purple based pink (China Glaze Nasty) and a dusty dark lilac (China Glaze Spontaneous).

Here it is layered over black.

Over China Glaze Nasty, which is a stupid name for this color.

Over China Glaze Spontaneous.

Dot Com is a dark purple with some golden/reddish tones to it. It reminds me of a darker version of Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud. Not an exact match but they both have that same shifting color/undertone quality to them.

Melt in the Sun. A really gorgeous and vibrant gold with sparkles. Kind of like the color of old gold.

Molten Rock is a foil/metallic london blue topaz color. This color, oddly enough, made my hands look longer. Winner!

Melt Down. A hot, hot, hot foil/metallic red.


Margo May 19, 2010 at 11:41 AM

WHOA, these new colors are awesome!

Unknown May 20, 2010 at 4:52 PM

I saw these, and didn't think much of them. But your swatches are way better than the bottle, nice! :)

LB May 21, 2010 at 2:54 AM

That seems to be a regular thing with Milani - they don't look like much in the bottle but they shine on the nail.

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