LeChat Dare To Wear Disco Tech Collection

Photo heavy and remember to click for a larger photo.

I bought this collection when I bought the Dream collection. I think they are fun! They all have the same holo glitter (round, bar and traditional glitter) but in a different colored base. I decided to swatch these on a wheel because the only difference is the color base. Well, and it was easier for me.

The colors are:

1. Disco Ball - Silver
2. Techno Beat - Pink
3. Get Funky - Orange
4. Strobe Lights - Gold
5. Disc Jockey - Green
6. Dancing Shoes - Blue

I swatched them over black and alone. Here is the entire wheel. I labeled each nail with a number that matches how I listed them above.

Over black.


Close up of them over black.

Close up of them not layered.

Here they are with flash.

P.S. Don't forget about the giveaway!

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