Jessica Cosmetics Electric Summer 2010 Collection

*These were sent to me for review.*

The Jessica Electric collection has six bright and vibrant colors that are perfect for summer.

I picked my favorites the minute I pulled them out of the box. They were all two coaters except for Power Driven Pink. They dried pretty fast without a topcoat and with a nice shine.

3D Tangerine is an orange but not a neon and not a deep orange. It's a good in between orange. This is perfect if you don't want a neon orange or a deep pumpkin.

Power Driven Pink is a pink. It's a pale pink which I am eh about but I am like that with all pale pinks. This one needed three coats.

Indigo Glow is a shimmery teal. I picked this as one of my favorites and it is. It's a bit frosty but not too much. It really does have a glow about it. First photo shows color more accurate.

Hi Res Raspberry is a yummy raspberry. This one suprised me - I like it. It looked really good on me too.

Shock Me Red is a red that leans slightly coral. It reminds me of a red highlighter pen but this isn't neon. This is a great summer red and would look great on toes.

Viva La Lime Lights is my favorite! It's a pale lime along the lines of a slushy. You know that color things get that glow in the dark? This is that color. I really, really like this!

I like this collection. They are bright and cheerful and perfect for summer. They give a few traditional colors and then give you Indigo Glow and Viva La Lime Lights. Nice! I like them all, well except for the pink.

I'm not sure of the release date on these.


Anonymous May 6, 2010 at 2:09 PM

I have almost 2000 polishes and I still don't own any Jessica! Oh my that green must be mine! But it's so hard to buy Jessicas online. :(

Great swatches as usual!

nihrida May 6, 2010 at 2:40 PM

Love the last three.

Margo May 6, 2010 at 7:00 PM

What a great collection! I also don't own any Jessicas, except for a random base coat, but they look really awesome; I'll definitely need to check them out in the near future.

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