I bought some Adoree polishes from Esther's Nail Center. I like the little round bottles and have wanted Red Tulips for awhile now. I only swatched the few I picked as my favorites. I was feeling lazy!

They are numbered as well as named so I included both.

Red Tulips (#246) is a sheer red with round golden glitter. In the bottle the glitter has a green/blue flash to it but I couldn't see it on the nail. I put this over a red creme, China Glaze China Rouge. Wow! Really pretty. I tried wearing it alone but after four coats I gave up. This one is meant to layer. Next it will be over black.

Fairway (#171) is a glowy yellow green. I like it! Three coats and I had to be careful with layering so I didn't get any pooling or bald spots. It's so glowy!

Capri Seas (#232) is this blue/green glitter in a sheer blue base. It's like the glitter sister of Zoya Charla. I couldn't decide what base to use so I used a nude - Misa Cherub. So pretty and has a very ethereal look to it. Fairy wings on the nails. I need to find the right blue to wear with this one.

Here are bottle photos of the other colors I bought.

Marlboro Blue (#129) which I bought for the name. I did wear it (forgot to take photos) and it went on really well for a pastel. Two coats with no streaking. A nice suprise.

Reef Green (#250) a fine green glitter.

Wild Inkberry (#234) a fine purple glitter.

There was a free bottle included which I thought was very generous of them! Flamingo Pink (#552) which is a sheer pink with pink and silver glitter. I may actually like this one, we'll see.


xibalba May 15, 2010 at 3:54 PM

Cute bottles! And nice colors, Wild Inkberry looks nice.

Inge (PolishSis) May 16, 2010 at 3:24 AM

Ahhhh look at all those pretty glitters!!! I like them all and your pictures look great!!!

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