Nfu-Oh 568 and 569 - Green Comparison

Fabuloustreet is having a sale and I decided to pick up some Nfu-Oh's that have been on my wishlist for awhile. I ordered Thursday, 4/1, and had them in my hands Monday, 4/5. And shipping is free! Woo, I do love somewhat instant gratification.


I wasn't going to post this because these Nfu-Oh colors gave me nothing but trouble. I love the colors, they are glossy and jelly and dark and green, but the formula. Oh boy. They are thin and watery and the first coat was streaky. If you aren't careful with the amount of polish you get on your brush it will pool and give you bald spots. I applied and took these off 4 times. This of course dried my skin out and annoyed me.

I think the next time I wear them I will apply thin coats and wait a bit before the next coat. High maintenance for sure. I'm glad I got them on sale.

So here is my 5th and last effort. I ended up using 3 very careful coats and Seche on top. My nails were still tacky and fragile when I went to taken the polish off about 20 minutes later.

Bottle pic. This shows the color difference really well (and I got to use my new Ott Lite!). 568 is a dark yellow based green that has a jelly finish. 569 is a dark green that is more neutral based, though I see a hint of a blue based green, and is a jelly finish. I have read that 569 is a dupe for Nars Zulu but I can't confirm that.

On the hand and from left to right 568, 569, 568, 569. The difference is subtle, really subtle. First pic is a brighter pic taken under the Ott and the second is taken outdoors.

Here you can see how shiny and jelly like the colors are. Shame they are such brats.

Left to right 569-568-569-568 and taken outdoors.


Skulda April 9, 2010 at 5:40 PM

These are so pretty. I wonder if this is why they are on sale (formula).

LB April 10, 2010 at 6:50 AM

I've heard that the formula has always been like this but not on all of them. The flakes are awesome and I have had no problems with the one holo I have. Who knows! The colors are worth the work, well sort of!

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