I bought some Essence colors from Ulta to check them out. I figure for under a buck it couldn't hurt. They aren't very exciting or unique colors but for the price they are fun to pick up. The bottles are small at .16oz/5ml but I can't complain. At this point I'll never finish a bottle of polish.

The formula on them is nice. I think the lighter colors could have used a drop or two of thinner but they went on with no complaints. The creme's are shiny! Really shiny! The below pics will show that. They picked up reflections and made them look lumpy when they aren't. They are just shiny and reflective.

These are all three coats with a top coat but the shine was there before the top coat.

Underwater. At first I thought this was a shimmer but I would say this is a very light frost with some shimmer. It's bright and very sea like. This also stained my nails so badly! It's very, very rare that a polish stains my nails but this did and I only had it on for about 10 minutes. Boo!

Break Through. A red based purple creme. The first photo is 90% color accurate but the others show it being less red based. Purple is a bit difficult to photograph.

Plum Perfect. A plum creme. It's not dark at all and looks plum in all lights.

Everybody's Talking About. A dark pink with a hint of coral. This kind of reminds me of OPI Dutch Tulips. It's pretty and spring like and very bright without being neon.

VIP Appeal. A bright pink creme. Another bright without being neon and way outside my comfort zone. I don't have many pinks. It's very girly.

What Do U Think? A peachy/orange creme. This is another one outside my comfort zone but one I liked. It took on a more orange look to it in the shade.

No More Drama. A light purple creme along the lines of OPI Done Out in Deco. I like these colors so it was a winner for me.

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