Deborah Lippmann Christmas in the City Set

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Christmas in the City from Lippmann is a Nordstrom exclusive and I'm going to be honest - I regret buying it.  I think the word 'exclusive' pulled me in because I have no willpower. The formula on them is below standard for what I expect from Lippmann and the white and red and pretty standard and not very exciting colors. I was really excited about Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree because glitter! but it didn't live up to what I wanted it to be. So big regret overall from me on this set. 

And I woke up this morning and the corner of my nail on my middle finger was broken. Please pardon the uneven nail. How the hell do you break a nail sleeping? I'm blaming one of the cats. I think they are trying to kill me. 

Let it Snow is a frosty white with shimmer. The formula on this one was gummy and fluffy and just a big pain in the ass. 

Run, Run Rudolph is a bright cheery red with red flake glitter. Standard holiday red but the flake glitter makes it seem different. The only problem is that the glitter disappears on the nail because it's the same color as the polish. I think a golden flake or a deeper red flake would have made a huge difference. 

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree is a black jelly with green and red multi-shaped glitter. Awful formula - thick and gummy and just weird. The glitter doesn't pack the punch I thought it would. I can get a better look using a red and green glitter over black. 

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