Coco Allure Nail Polish Pretty Lucid

A little while back I contacted Coco Allure Nail Polish asking if she could make me a polish with the iridescent violet glitters that are in Peaches and Dreams. I am really smitten with the glitter in that polish. She happily made it for me and it is AWESOME! She named it Pretty (my last name) but since I am not comfortable posting my last name I have re-named it to Pretty Lucid which fits a bit better. It is packed full of the lovely violet glitter and it glows on the nail. It's wonderful in bright light but in low light/shade it glows as well. It even looks great over light colors. 

These are not the best photos because they just don't show the glow and depth of Pretty Lucid. Also, I took these photos after playing around with trying to make my own OPI Black Spotted from scratch. You can see the damage along the edge of the manicure. Little spots - ha! 

It's still amazing and wanted to share before I removed it. The first two photos are in bad low lighting to show the glow. 

Under brighter more true light. I'm one coat over Ruby Kisses Bold and Beautiful which is a luscious vivid purple. 

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