CrowsToes 2012 Halloween Collection

Have you seen the preview for the CrowsToes 2012 Holiday collection?! Oooooo!!! I am getting them all because they all look amazing. I love CrowsToes so very much! Since I was all excited about that collection I thought I would show the 2012 Halloween collection. Feel free to check out Hell Hath No Fury and Bone Daddy that I already posted. 

You can purchase CrowsToes from Llarowe and Overall Beauty and they are so worth it! 

Purple People Eater over OCC Swamp Thing. I like the contrast of the green and purple plus the names go together so well. 

Tangled Web over Essie Playa Del Platinum. This is so sexy and looks really good over a number of different colors. 

Last Call at the Crowbar over Nubar Marble Tower. In my very early 20's there was this little dive bar that a group of us would visit. They gave you markers and little shot glasses full of glitter and you were encouraged to write on the tables and walls and to just throw the glitter everywhere. It was fun but I think the $1 shots may have made it more fun. This polish brings lots of memories back because this is what the floor of the bar looked like. And my bed the next day. Glitter everywhere!

VooDoo over Jessica Banana Peel. The orange glitter is very reflective - like aluminum foil!

Frog's Breath over L'Oreal The Temptress' Touch. This is really, really reflective and sparkly. I love this one!

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