Zoya True Collection

I have favorites with this collection which is not a surprise but I like the complete collection. I think I am biased though because most of the colors have this soft, subdued and worn look to them. They remind me of growing up and hanging my clothes out on a clothes line to dry in the sun. After doing this for a period of time some of my clothing became sun-washed and muted. I did love the feel and smell of wearing a shirt fresh from hanging outside and these colors bring that memory to the front of my brain.

I do have to say that Cho and Farah seem out of place with this collection. They're dull compared to the others and I would have liked to have seen them have a contrasting shimmer in them. They are nice but so oddly out of place and Zoya recently released a nude collection. I would have liked to have seen a yellow and apricot shimmer instead of the two nudes. I think Zoya is a star when it comes to shimmer and shimmer flecks. They just seen to do it right and this collection has a few of those examples. Overall I like the collection and can see myself reaching for a few of them to wear again and again. This collection can be purchased from Zoya.

Bevin is a creamy sage and I really like it. I'm a sucker for greens so that is no surprise. Wonderful formula.

I added Essence Clyde to jazz it up.

Cho was a surprise for me. The yellow base comes out strongly on me and I like it. It reminds me of butter. It does have fine shimmer throughout but it's so very, very subtle that I think of it as a creme.

Farah was the trouble maker for me. I found the formula gummy and thick and it just does not look good on me. I can see this working really well as a base for stamping or other nail art but alone it's not for me.

Lotus is a hit. A dusty muted smokey purple with pinkish red shimmer. I want to layer other sheer shimmers over this to see what I get.

Skylar is my pick of the collection. It's a beautiful cornflower blue with shimmer and flecks woven all through it. Love this one!

Tru is the vibrant sister to Lotus. It's a soft grape purple with shimmer. The shimmer is warm so the contrast to the purple is really interesting.

This collection was sent for review.

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