Nubar Jeans Collection

A few more blues! These came out after the Chanel Les Jeans de Chanel collection and it's a pretty good duplication of that collection. I no longer have the Chanel polishes because I couldn't justify keeping them but the Nubar Jeans collection is easy to keep and like. If you wanted the Chanel collection but didn't purchase it because you are wise and savvy - you can get this collection and feel great about it.

Faded Jeans is a sky blue with silver shimmer woven throughout. Formula was a bit thick but not horrible. It's not stark but it's also not soft looking.

Boyfriend Jeans is a muted mid-tone cadet blue. This pulls a bit more grey on me and in some light it looks almost periwinkle. I really like this one the best.

Dark Wash Jeans is a dark blue with a slight dusty feel to the color. The formula has a jelly like formula and I realized I missed a few spots after I took these photos. Not a bad formula but not my favorite. The color does remind me of dark denim that has been washed a few times.

For those that are outside the US (and in the US) a great resource for Nubar is Harlow & Co. I recently ordered from them and had a great experience and Nubar is a brand that is carried at the shop. If you don't see something there you can drop them an email and see if it can be ordered. I love having options and Nubar charges an obscene amount for shipping.

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