China Glaze Magnetix in Attraction

I got my hands on the China Glaze Magnetix collection and wore Attraction first. I did play with most of them and I like the polish. They have a nice formula and the blending is really nice. No need to shake them forever to get everything mixed. I did find that that applying a thin coat of the polish and letting it dry before applying the second worked best. Too thick a coat and the design from the magnet isn't clear. As always, work one finger at a time since they dry fast.

I do find the magnet is the weak link in the collection. That is not a good thing since they are magnetic nail polishes and the magnet should be the star. It's not horrible but it could be a bit stronger. Nails Inc makes a fabulous magnet so I know it can be done. Doing thin layers of polish and holding the magnet for about 30 seconds is the trick. Still, I really wish the magnet was stronger. You can't replace the magnet because the magnet itself has the design. The plastic is just a holder. If you remove the magnet and replace it with a stronger one in that space you won't get a design. Ask me how I know this? *sigh* 

I predict that more and more brands will put out magnetic polish. I know Color Club is coming out with some and Nabi has a collection, Icing has them and some are popping up at Rite Aid. I've said this before but I want to see someone come out with patterns of magnets. We have the polish and now we need really great magnets. I've seen some on Ebay but I wonder how good they are. If you tried them please do let me know. 

Here is Attraction with the star pattern. I was just playing with placement but I do like the star off center. I cut my nails down as you can see. I slammed my pointer finger in a drawer. Ouch!

 Here it is matte which I think is neat.

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