Nubar White Polka Dot

Ah, I am going to admit to something blasphemous. I like White Polka Dot more than I like Lynnderella Snow Angel. I think White Polka Dot is more versatile where Snow Angel really only looks great over white or other soft pastel shades. If you put White Polka Dot over a shimmery white, like China Glaze Frosty, you can get a close look to Snow Angel. It's not going to be a dupe but it will have that snowy soft look that Snow Angel has when worn. Plus it's really rare to find a white glitter though this one isn't pure white since some of the glitter pieces have a blue flash. Still, it's very nice.

I didn't have any issues with it being sparse. I have no idea why either. This is one coat over a teal.

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