Seche: Some Nail Polish

Seche made polish beyond the basic red and rose they have currently. They were named after places and though they aren't the most unique colors they are pretty and the formula is nice. I can't remember when these were released.

Belize is a sheer blue with lilac shimmer. Looks best layered because if worn alone it makes me look like I have frostbite.

Dublin is a sheer teal with multi-colored micro shimmer. Pretty!

New Orleans is a rich grape purple with shimmer.

New York City is a shimmery red that is a bit pink based. I know that New York is known as the Big Apple but I wish companies would pick another color when doing a New York City polish.

Zanzibar is a golden red that leans toward cinnamon.

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Allison L September 12, 2010 at 11:08 AM

I like the Zanzibar one best.

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